Target wanted to have a SPANX in their stores. So, SPANX worked closely with PLAY to create a new brand, ASSETS. It was a pretty big task, because we need to repeat the same "magic" that propelled the success of SPANX in high-end department stores. So we mapped the emotional triggers of the SPANX brand/package when creating ASSETS. Below are some of these insights that drove us:
1. The name ASSETS is irreverent like SPANX
2. The color palette is tertiary, as opposed to primary, to break the normal colors associated with the store
3. Women Empowerment is captured within the characters
4. Illustration drives the look
5. Product "call outs" educate the shopper

PLAY not only designed the package family, but also helped to build a strategy book to help Target connect with the new brand ASSETS, showcasing decisions around the package design and the future shelf presence with product growth. For the package itself, PLAY created the logo, illustrations, sourced the photography, authored copy and the design. 

ASSETS launched into TARGET nationwide with huge success. ASSETS is now available at several large department stores as well as TARGET.

These are the first products/packages that launched in TARGET.

These are the first products/packages that launched in TARGET.


PLAY has a process called Brandscapes where we gather imagery for a visual direction before we begin to design. This helps us and the client reach a consensus. Below represents the many directions we explored before we began to design. The finished brand takes from both the Sex and the City Brandscape as well as Form and Function.