Phoenix Air

Dent Thompson, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Phoenix Air Group, Inc. says,

“Phoenix Air has been operating around the world on highly specialized missions since the early 1980’s.  Since our client base all knew Phoenix Air and came direct to us, we didn’t need to market ourselves to the world, so we put up a basic web site so potential new clients could find out about our services and capabilities.  We were so far under the radar that our unofficial motto was…Phoenix Air, The Largest Company You’ve Never Heard Of.  But that all changed in 2014 when Ebola Virus Disease went epidemic in Western Africa and two volunteer American medical workers became sick and near death.  An appeal came from the White House to attempt a rescue mission using Phoenix Air’s aircraft-based bio-containment system Phoenix Air developed.  Dr. Kent Brantly and medical technician Nancy Writebol would die without Western medical intervention.  Overnight, Phoenix Air went from anonymity to what the world press called the most famous air ambulance company in the world. 

As Phoenix Air added more and more highly specialized services, it became time to overhaul our entire marketing program starting with a new web site.  We engaged Brett Player, founder and creative director of PLAY LLC, to meet with our staff and develop a new, fresh, engaging and informative web site that captures the reader’s imagination and curiosity and draws them deeper into our web site uncovering unique capability after unique capability.  How else can you convey such disparate services as air ambulance to live animal transport to jamming military radar systems to transporting high explosives to operating unmanned aircraft?  As an innovative aviation company, we wanted a web site that seems to fly from page to page, and Brett and his creative staff delivered.  But it’s not over, today we keep PLAY on the job with Phoenix Air continually re-editing, refining and adding new services to tell Phoenix Air’s story.  I highly recommend PLAY as a company which listens to their clients and really produces for them – they certainly have for Phoenix Air.”







Below are screen shots from the Phoenix Air Unmanned site is similar to Phoenix Air in design and functionality. 



Above showcases several movies Phoenix Air Unmanned helped film via their unmanned aircraft