SPANX worked with PLAY to create over 35 packages, a website, launch two new brands and create marketing/advertising. It was thrilling to work so closely with such fast growing company, often sitting shoulder to shoulder with Sara and Jadideah of SPANX as we designed the packages. Sara's maverick spirit and irreverence made the process fun and the artwork exciting.

Player understood the SPANX brand first when he was sharing with both Sara Blakely and Laurie Ann Goldman (CEO) of SPANX, a system of how he envisioned package growth with uniformity of message, style, etc. They both liked it, but said it was wrong because SPANX did not adhere to traditional package design rules. It all seemed too slick. That's when it hit Player, what SPANX was built on was Folk Art. Flat character designs, fun product titles and imagery that supported the name. With this "Aha" moment, the system was born under a no system art movement. 

spanx all.jpg


The below are ads that were created in concert with copywriter Ron Huey.