Haute Contour

Haute Contour is the luxury line of SPANX with products priced over $125. The brand launched ground breaking materials,  compression fabric that could be lace and sheer. Previous to this, any see through or lace had to stitched alongside compression fabric. So all of a sudden, shaping fabrics could be sexy. Hence, Haute Contour was born. This fashion forward thinking was the inspiration behind the look of Haute Contour, creating a unique fashion illustration and irreverent logo type, which Sara invisioned. 


Chris Rawls, previously Design Director at PLAY left to be CD at SPANX. He helped in creating the Haute Contour brand while at PLAY and continued its launch with producing the website below. Rawls was a great addition to PLAY while he was with us. You can find him up in Ohio now working on another fashion brand.