It's been a great joy for Play to have worked with The Imlay Foundation for over 10 years. The Imlay Foundation is a family foundation financially supporting not-for-profits in the Greater Atlanta area and Scotland. Over the years, Play has helped to develop the Foundation's logo, stationary suite and website.

All Website

The new website above showcases the site on various screen sizes. Most recently the Foundation moved into a new modern office space and brought on an Executive Director. Reflecting this new chapter, Play refreshed the logo, letterhead suite and website to be fresh and contemporary. 


Home Page

The home page above contains 15 doors illustrated by Play. Each door represents a grantee that the Foundation wished to showcase. When the user rolls over a door, the grantee shows up below the doors as seen with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The content on the entire site is editable, so The Imlay Foundation can revise the grantees at any time.   


As with all of our websites, we make finding the organization as easy and readable to Search Engines as possible. After a recent office move, this was a must for the contact page.

Imlay Timeline

The above represents a Foundation timeline which scrolls down the page. The rule line layout denotes a clean aesthetic reflecting the interior design and architecture of The Imlay Foundation's office space.

Imlay Business Cards

Seen above are revised business cards reflecting the new modern look. Additionally, Play created letterhead, envelopes and interactive PDF applications for potential grantees.

Door illustrations for home page

The above showcase the doors larger for easy viewing. Note we hid items around several doors that reflect the door content. The yellow jacket is a nod to a Georgia Tech door and the door knocker on the purple door are children's faces reflecting CHOA's door.