SPANX for Men

SPANX wanted to share its groundbreaking product with men. Luckily for us, SPANX asked PLAY to design the new package. It was a tough assignment because SPANX wanted to appeal to all men, regardless of their taste in art, movies, theatre or sports. Hence it had to appeal to the one guy who likes to attend the opera and another who goes to see NASCAR. 

Player, who loves art history as a foundation for brand ideation and has a soft spot for POP ART, realized there was one NY artist who created paintings that spoke to art lovers, but also to the Joe Plumbers of the world. LIchtenstein's work envisioned comic book frames, turning them into exciting paintings with strong color and emphasized half tone patterns. This is the inspiration for SPANX for Men. Although, it's a little known fact that Andy Warhol originally did a painting of a comic book frame large and Lichtenstein took the idea and ran with it.

Upon release in high-end department stores throughout the nation, the product sold out within a week. Below are the two product packages  that PLAY designed in partnership with SPANX and were initially released.