Years ago, Play sat down with Zoo Atlanta and discussed the idea of creating the event Brew at the Zoo. After a call to Freddy Bensch of Sweetwater Brewing, the idea became a reality. 10 years later, Brew at the Zoo is the event of the season, pulling in a large crowd, featuring bands throughout the zoo, special animal encounters, over 70 brews and wine too! Hence, it's a natural fit for Play to sponsor Brew at the Zoo, a 10 Year Anniversary, creating the event's look and advertising campaign.

Brew at the Zoo banner, Zoo Atlanta.

Above you will see the main banner that sits in the entrance of Zoo Atlanta. It's quasi see through for wind, so you can see some shadowing from the trees. The sign sits at about 9 feet high and is impactful for visitors and street traffic alike.

Above showcases outdoor advertising for the event on a typical Marta bus shelter. Along with outdoor ad placement, Zoo Atlanta's media impact included many digital and print ads and posters distributed at businesses throughout the city of Atlanta.

Brew at the Zoo Page Takeover ad,

Above showcases a "page take-over digital ad" on the Hence, when you first land on the page, this ad appears over the content for a short time. Play appreciates high-impact digital ads as they provide a large canvas to communicate ideas/brand. Once the look was set, Zoo Atlanta worked in collaboration with Play on executing several ads like this one.

Brew at the Zoo TShirt designs

Ozzie Osborn anyone?! Just kidding. These are our beloved Zoo Atlanta hosts having a blast and inviting us all to partake in music, beer and fun. We decided the t-shirts should look like classic rock band concerts to be unique, memorable and feel authentic. Play sourced the shirts as well through our deep and trusted network of tried and true vendors. 


Brew at the Zoo original branding

The above showcases our first Brew at the Zoo brand look, developed by Play. Crazy monkey!