NomadX is a "Live. Work. Play." concept located in Europe catering to "Digital Nomads", defined as people working remotely throughout the world. This is serial entrepreneur, David Williams' recent venture. Previously, Williams has worked with Play's Brett Player to brand and market both 360i and Blinq Media. Other Founders include Steven Allen and Graham Novak, both Washington & Lee standouts.

It's not surprising that NomadX is on the forefront of a global trend, given Williams history of embracing technology and humanity in creating companies. Play stressed this forward thinking by developing a sleek, unique and ownable brand, set in vivid digital colors. This brand system appeals to global millennials, who are at the heart of the NomadX audience.


Above you can see the new logo is a combination of the N and the X of NomadX. Additionally the symbol reflects nautical or international flags and uses patterns associated with the geographical location. Finally, there is an hour glass hidden within the symbol, stressing the tagline, "Your Time. Your Way." All of these meaningful metaphors make the logo "ownable" to NomadX. 

Above showcases potential house names at various locations in Lisbon, leveraging Portugal Explorer portraits tying in with the main logo system with colors, mono-line execution and typography. 

Proposed products

In thinking about the program, we wanted to have a "Welcome Kit" tied into the location consumers had signed up for. Seen above, Lisbon travelers would receive items branded in the NomadX Lisbon brand color scheme. A NomadX customer could potentially collect many geographical patches showcased on their backpack. 

NomadX all

The website above showcases the site across all screens, but the site was designed to be mobile first. This audience truly uses their phone much more than their laptops to view NomadX digital properties, as they are transient in nature. We wanted to make the site visually exciting while educating the user about NomadX and the region they may be interested in. We also had various stages of a sign-up form with pricing and options.

Experience Page

Above represents the bottom of a page educating users on Lisbon. It simply stacks the images and content on a mobile screen.


We designed the above section to reflect best practices in e-commerce UX.

Along with the above, Play developed social and digital advertising.